Oatmeal & Honey mask for acne prone skin


Hello beauty bunnies

I had heard a lot about this DIY face mask but i couldn’t find oatmeal anywhere near where I live. On one visit to this local super store, i found Crackers white oats. I have used both the cooked and uncooked oats as masks & I will let you know about both.

uncooked oats mask

My friend suggested I should grind the oats to a fine powder & then mix honey & lime juice in it. For using this mask for one week, i did not see much of a difference in my blemishes, spots or my skin.

cooked oats face mask:

After which I came across some readings online which state that cooked oats have soothing properties for inflammation prone skin (which I have, unfortunately).

How to make this mask:
Take a handful of white pressed oats. The lesser preservatives added, the better. Put it on heat adding 3 times the amount of water (1 part oats & 3 parts water). Cook on slow heat. If you still think the oats aren’t cooked yet, add more water but add only small quantity of water at a time as you wat fairly thick paste so that it stays on your face. After its slimy white liquid comes out (once oats are cooked) let it cool down. When its lukewarm (not hot), add two tbs honey and mix. Put it in an air tight jar. Since its winters, I keep the jar in washroom. May be for summers you should put it in fridge.

How to Apply:
I apply it with a straight edged brush since putting it on with hands makes me feel gross. Besides applying with fingers also makes me conscious of the quantity im applying. You want to put a thin layer on because a thick layer will take too long to dry.

How often I apply this mask:

For last two weeks, I have been applying this mask every night before bed.

My favourite part 😉
1- this mask is great for oil control if you have oily skin.

2- I have noticed a huge difference in my skin tone. Im fairly white for asian skin tone but this mask makes my face glow.

3- im still getting my hormonal acne on my chin & jaw line but the healing time has reduced by great deal. If previously my pimples would take 4-5 days to heal up, now it takes less than 48hrs. Im amazed by the results. This oats have healing properties and honey is great for both healing & killing bacteria.

4- Spots and acne scars have visibly reduced. In the morning Im realising I have to use lesser & lesser concealer everyday. My skin is getting closer to perfection.

Overall, after two weeks of use, I highly recommend this face mask to those with skin inflammation or redness issues. Its a miracle cure for acne & blemishes.

ZB x


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