Product Review: Freeman’s Cucumber Peel off mask

This is the second Freeman’s face product I am using. I have written a product review about Freeman’s Oatmeal & avocado clay mask here & now this is about the very well known peel off mask.

I have heard lots about this peel off mask therefore when I saw it, I just bought it. This is the first time I have used a peel off mask in a very long time, therefore, I must appreciate the consistency & the ease of application. Peel off masks have not been on top of my list mainly because of this one factor; they are not easy to apply evenly. But this product just glides on to your skin.


It comes in a dark green packet which makes the product just ooze out if you are not careful while opening it.


The smell seems identical to that of the clay mask I have used and reviewed earlier.


All Freeman’s facial products are available for Rs. 390 on all leading cosmetic stores.I found mine at Boots.


Admirable. Its very easy to put on the face and very easy to peel off as well.

About the product:

This product claims to clarify & renew the skin. It has to be used two times a week on a dry face for 5-10 minutes or until dried.

As a peel off mask, I would highly recommend this mask if you prefer to have something at the end of a facial regime just to cool the skin & reduce pore size (Peel off masks help with tightening the skin). Apart from that, I am not going to be a big fan of this product.

Will I buy this again:

Not really. I bought it just for trying it & to know what the hype was about.

x ZB


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