Say hello to DIY eyeshadow Primer

Hello again

I have never really used an eye shadow primer before and always thought the light coloured pigments never brightened up my face like the brighter ones. Well, I tried making some eye shadow primer & after applying the eyeshadow with the primer on, i realised what I have been missing all my life.

what the eyeshadow primer does for your eyeshadow?

The eyeshadow primer basically provides the foundation for your eyeshadow to stay on through the day & being the real colour out of it.

Here are some pictures i took using the eyeshadow primer. I tested two colours, one bright pink & one very light turquoise. You can clearly see the difference it makes




So you can see the difference it makes in the look & feel of the eyeshadow.

Here is how i made my eye shadow primer:

stuff you need

1- a tinted moisturiser/bb cream
2- little bit of concealer
3- facial butter


Take very small quantity of concealer in a jar & add some facial or body butter and same amount of tinted moisturiser.

Dab a little quantity on the eyelids before applying the eyeshadow. Let it set down for few minutes & then apply the eye make up for brightened up eyeshadow.

I’ll post the pictures with complete eye makeup tomorrow.

ZB x


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  1. Wow this is such a good post. Thanks x

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