DIY tinted lip balm with cocoa butter

Hello ladies and make up DIY freaks

I have been obsessed with tinted balms because summers is the time when lipsticks come off too strong specially in a country where the sun is blazing like anything.

I have always been a huge fan of Palmer’s cocoa butter with vitamin E for lip moisturising. Its very smooth, stays on long & smells yummy. But its transparent.

I had some blush on powders lying around which I do not use on my cheeks therefore I decided to make lip balms with them. The reason I did not use petroleum jelly for these lip balms is because petroleum jelly is too thick and just sits on my lips and doesn’t absorb. Similarly when you add pigment to petroleum jelly, it hardens and the actual colour that comes out is not as vibrant because even a little amount on lips will feel too much.

Long story short, i took a lot of pigment from the blush on & added little cocoa butter (because i wanted the colour to be vibrant and dark) and voila! Here are the shades I made in these containers. Sorry if it looks like a mess, I just heated them in microwave and tried to clean the edges. Not that good a cleaner 😀

Happy lips x



UPDATE: this tinted balm actually stays longer on my lips than my usual lipsticks. They are slightly glossy & at the same time very moisturizing. 


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