Look maa, its a sub derm cyst!!!


Cystic acne or derm cysts are the worst than all other normal clogged pore zits. Why? You know that the normal zit will go away in 2-3 days but the cystic ones are there for the long haul.
I happened to get one last week. I suspect it was a hair follicle infection because i swear the thing was swollen and red for about five days size of a dime. I tryn be brave and poke a sterilised needle through it. Just to let it out. I know i know it gives you permanent scar but the thing is right in middle of my forehead & i havn’t had something like this in five years. On top of everything, the thing hurt me like hell.
I learnt about ibuprofen for swelling & redness. I popped a pill on day 3. Still the swelling & redness won’t go away. Since day 1 till day 5 i tried the needle method followed by continuous use of Betamethasone & neomycin sulphate cream. But what do they say again? All the topical treatments don’t work for a cyst because its under the skin & not on the skin.
Day 5 and thing is still standing there proudly. I’m losing it. Im totally losing it. I havn’t had a zit on my face in 5yrs after a continuous battle with acne vulgaris for 10yrs. My teens were ruined i won’t let it ruin my twenties.
Thanks to mum. What would we do without them. The saviours.
What ended the mystery of the unexplainable seb derm cyst?

the old yellow anti fungal, anti biotic ointment. After 2 applications of the ointment i could already see a difference. Second day of application (3 times daily) the thing is finally gone. Besides the ointment i have been leaving a clay mask made in lemon juice & rose water on the cyst site overnight.
Two nights of leaving the mask on it & two days of the KENACOMB application, the redness=gone, the swelling -= gone, the pain= gone.
Now i have the normal bluish purplish left over on my skin which will heal and fade with application of glycolic acid.

Just wanted to share with you that KENACOMB is a saviour for cysts.


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