Mental Quantum Realm?

Disclaimer:Please do not dis me for not having enough knowledge about physics, super hero theories or The Avengers meaning of the Quantum Realm. It’s just what I learnt about it from the movie Ant Man.

While watching the movie Ant-Man, one concept which really intrigues a lot of minds, “The Quantum Realm” caught my attention. According to the theory presented in this movie:

1- Quantum Realm is an alternate dimension which can be accessed if you shrink to a really small sub-atomic size.

2- Time and space lose meaning when you enter this realm.

3- You may enter the realm but you may never get out.

And I started wondering, whether it is only a physical concept or can one enter this state just mentally as well. Human brain functions in weird ways. Sometimes a trauma may push one through the nexus which transports that person from reality to an alternate dimension where time and space lose meanings. You mentally start thinking of yourself as tiny and insignificant as a sub-atomic particle. Everything matters, except your own self. You can see everything around you, just without being present there mentally. Your brain is so full of fog, its not you, its just your body lying there, talking, looking, absorbing information, but just not knowing what to make of it. You go on with mechanical tasks, day to day routines, you are doing well in exams, you have your finances in order, your house is not a mess, but time and space have lost meaning. You don’t know how many days it’s been since you last laughed, cried, worried about something, or felt anything at all. You are hanging in this giant universe, swaying back and forth, but you don’t exactly know where you are or why you are there. I don’t know if psychologists have a name for this condition, but I do (Read the title again).

Now the most interesting part, you may enter the realm for whatever reason, but how do you get out? Ant-man figured out that he could (spoiler Alert!) play the flash backs of his daughter’s face and the sound of her voice repeatedly in his head and that was what actually helped him come out of that realm back to the real world. It always comes down to the people whom you call family. Those are the only people who will bring you back from the darkest places in the universe, or inside yourself. Keep these people close.

love and light,

x Zb

That one, bloody, ex!

No matter what I do, I fail to forget him. No matter what I do, he is all I really want and I can never feel the same way for any other person the way I feel for him and I know I will never be able to love anyone else the way I loved him. He was everything. Now that he’s gone, I will never be the same again. I miss him every single day and he was the only thing that ever made me happy. Letting him go was my biggest mistake and I’m regretting it every single moment and I will have to, for rest of my life.

If you are in your late twenties or early thirties, you have at least said these words once in your life while your best friend is giving you those “what’s wrong with you?” looks. Admit it, there is at least one person walking on the face of earth right now who came into your mind while you were reading these lines above. Now you know I’m talking about them? It’s always them, it’s always been them, isn’t it?

Being stuck on an ex is one of the topics that connects us all together, boys and gals, men and women of our generation. The way we stare at our empty hands while we share memories we made with them and the way our hearts sink while we talk about them years later!

Now think for a second, is it someone who cheated on you, rejected your undying love, while you could have given them everything, EVERYTHING, and they chose someone or something else over you? You could have given them the world, and they said they didn’t want it? Did I strike a nerve there? Ouch! I know it hurts to admit but you, my friend, like most of our generation are stuck on someone who never returned your love and that is the very reason why they are “the one”, the one most online blogs are being written and read about. The one who broke us beyond repair, the one we think about every time we hit rock bottom.

Rejection of affection and getting over the one who does that to you, I will probably never understand why both these factors are connected. On a deeper level, is it the person, the love we gave them and can never give anyone ever again, or the ego which basically kills us when we talk about our “one true love in life”?

It’s purely natural for people to love. People are happier when they love, when they give, when they make the other person their everything. It is hardly ever someone we choose using the freewill option, because we never really choose this “one” person ( and if we could, we never blimmin would choose them, FO SHO) but we just like giving, loving and caring for this one particular person. We keep on giving until we start noticing why they are not sharing the feeling, so we give more, and by the time we notice we are knee or rather throat deep in sh*t, it’s too late.  We are emotionally too attached, it’s difficult to forget them, we can’t move on and bla bla you get the picture.

So some of us take the revenge road, hurt them some how, threaten them, stalk them, keeping begging them to come back etc. Some take self pity path and become miserable and try to find sympathy else ( or every) where, some of us immediately jump from one person to another person, just for a psychological boost “hey I found someone better than you anyway!”

but, do we EVER really get over them? Is there actually really any way to get over a person you gave a lot to and never got anything in return, someone who really reject your affection mercilessly, like you were nothing?

I’m really interested in reading stories related to this “one” person and how exactly you came out of it, if ever!!! Comment below for sharing.

Cheers and much love,

x Zb

Product Review: St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub

St. Ives apricot scrubs have been around since I entered my teen years or may be even before that. I have always loved their apricot scrub because I have very oily and acne prone skin. I came across this scrub on a drugstore while I was looking for a good anti-acne scrub which contains Salicylic acid.

About the product:

This is what the package says:

  • Prevents blemishes & minimizes pores
  • Oil-free salicylic Acne Medication
  • 100% natural exfoliants
  • Sulfate free
  • Paraben free
  • Stops break outs before they occur
  • Hypoallergenic, Dermatologist tested, Non-Comedogenic
  • Active ingredient: salicylic acid 2%
  • Purpose: acne treatment
  • Exfoliation factor: Deep

The product is easy to apply, nice smelling and very effective in what it claims.

The jar is air-tight thus, easy to carry around while travelling. The 283g jar cost me PKR 550 and I have used like 1/10th of the product in 6 months.


St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub

How I use the product:

The directions on the jar recommend the application of thin layer of the product on affected areas; starting once daily and go up to 2-3 times everyday. However, in winters even the oily skin is on dry side, I use this product only once every other day before bed. I apply thin layer on my whole face and scrub for few minutes, leave it on for another minute or two and then wash  with water (no soap). Then apply night cream.


This product contains salicylic acid 2% but still does not dry the skin to an uncomfortable level.

The product does help with break outs and active acne. If I do not use this product for a few days, I do notice a few tiny zits, but with regular use, there is hardly a cystic zit forming which is a great plus for me as I suffer a lot from hormonal cystic, under the skin, kinda acne.

The product can be used as a scrub as well as a face pack when suffering active acne.

Do I recommend this:

YES. I totally recommend this for oily skin and normal skin prone to acne and pimples. Exfoliation is your best friend if you have oily skin and this product is great at it.


PKR 550 for 283g jar.


x Zb

Dear Dermatologist, Do Not Sh*t Me!

We are well aware of the incompetency we are facing among doctors in Pakistan but it is really hard to believe the game some might be playing just for the sake of making some extra bucks.

I normally do not trust anyone or anything just at a whim when it comes to my skin and hair. When summer 2015 began, I experienced a really bad episode of acne and I ended up visiting my regular dermatologist whom I have been seeing every few years since I was 14 for the very same reason; acne vulgaris. He has never been able to come up with any permanent solution for my sudden and unexpected break outs but since he is a Major General now, while being a senior Prof of Dermatology at Army Medical College as well, he can be fairly trusted for minor break out issues.

He immediately ( and totally per routine) put me on antibiotics which is one favourite thing for our doctors here in Pakistan. The antibiotics later gave me even severe inflammation on skin and heat pimples but never mind! Another thing which really surprised me was this face wash which he said was a MUST for my skin at that time and even later, while I already told him that face washes dry my skin and do not really suit me. Yet, he insisted that I MUST use it. This face wash is called FEMI CARE and comes in a box with absolutely no information about manufacturing date or expiry date or ingredients. The product claims that it is an effecive formula for all types of acne, pimples & oily skin and the only thing in terms of ingredients it mentions is Salicylic acid 2% and there is no other way of finding out what other ingredients it contains. I have asked the Whiz Pharma, the manufacturer of this product on their facebook page, searched the internet, looked on the box and bottle but there is no mentioning of the ingredients. How can a dermatologist find it out when it is not present in writing anywhere? and why would he recommend it to his patients without bothering the fact that most of us with skin issues are allergic to most of the chemicals in face washes?

Its about time we have a law in Pakistan, which ensures that the doctors are well aware, and so are the consumers about the chemicals in locally manufactured products and no doctor should be legally allowed to prescribe a locally manufactured product without making sure the patient is not allergic to any of the ingredients used.


Femi care face wash for acne & oily skin

And yes, I stopped using the product because it makes my skin go red and dry and alarmingly tight after use. As you can see, I purchased the bottle in June and after 7 months, there is still more than half of it left.

x Zb

My Top Make up Tips

Since I’m a make up junkie plus a make up enthusiast, most of my time is spent trying to figure out the how’s of make up. There are some very personal ways of doing things when it comes to make up and everyone has something to share which they have learnt over time and with practice. I will be sharing some of my secrets with you and would love to see your secret tips in comments section:

  • Instead of using different brushes for putting on the eyeshadow and blending, use one brush. How? Keep a wet hand towel nearby while doing your make up. After applying one colour, swap the brush back and forth on the towel a few times. The brush will be free of any residual colour and you do not need to clean ten brushes over the weekend.
  • Blend your foundation with a wet sponge OR spray some water on your face once you are done putting on foundation BEFORE starting to blend it. It makes the blending easy and gives a very finished, dewy look.
  • Never test foundation on hand when buying it. Always test it on jawline and always try 2-3 shades in swatches on jawline while buying foundation.
  • Just by dabbing on a champagne colour eyeshadow on the inner corners of the eyes, you brighten up your whole face.
  • Dabbing translucent powder on crease of the eye and above, you will never find smudged eye liner on your eyes.Same for lipstick smudging on chin for some women.
  • Instead of trying to draw a line on top lid and somehow curving it to create a wing and trying your level best to get both eyes and their wings equal, use this strategy: use the lower lid line and its angle as your guideline. put the brush at corner of your eye and imagine you are extending your lower eyelid towards the end of  your eyebrow. Then line the top lid and join it with your “wing” at the corner of the eye. Both wings same, every time, if you get the idea.
  • Do not confuse bronzer and blusher. Bronzer is to create shadows and “hollow” of the cheek bone while blush on is there to make the highest point of your cheek bones more prominent and glowing. Put the blusher on the apple of the cheeks instead of the hollow of the cheeks. Avoid drawing two angled lines on your cheeks.Blend!
  • No matter how expensive your foundation is, its nothing if you do not blend it well. BLEND it using fingers, moist brush, moist sponge whichever suits you, but never leave it caking on face.
  • Use a white eyeshadow on eyes before putting on your desired eyeshadow to intensify the colour.


(I will be adding more of these with time. Comment below if you want to share your top tip).

x Zb


Product Review: Saeed Ghani Khas Sandal Ubtan

Saeed Ghani’s ubtans are my favourite specially his sandal ubtans. Saeed Ghani has established a name in Pakistani cosmetic market mainly because of their ubtans and skincare herbal products. Ubtans are very popular among young girls, specially those who are soon to be married and are looking for the “glow” for the pre-wedding days. Their products are available in all major cities of the country and also on their official website.

First of all, most people probably don’t even know that there are TWO khas sandal ubtan versions manufactured by the company. One is the plain sandal khas ubtan which comes in a pentagon orange box and the ubtan is also orangish red and leaves the face reddish when ubtan dries on the face.This ubtan is for PKR 90 for 100g. I would just like to add that I did not like their Whitening ubtan at all, because of too grainy texture and bad smell. Also did not like their Zaffran products because it did not affect my skin at all.


Saeed Ghani Khas Sandal Ubtan

The other is the “tumeric and other” ingredients along with sandal as main ingredients. It comes in a packet, not box, and is double the price of simple sandal one. Price is PKR 200 for 100g.

I have used the Sandal Khas Ubtan, the plain sandal version, for about three boxes and I loved the results, the glow and the healthy hydrated skin it gave me, and the smell is wonderful, but then I came across the second sandal and extra ingredients version and I found it far better than the sandal khas version alone.


Sandal Khaas Ubtan with extra ingredients

The first one leaves a healthy glow on your face but the turmeric one also helps you fight acne and the inflammation on skin resulting from allergies or zits.

How to use this ubtan:

The guy at the Saeed Ghani counter opposite Al-Fateh in Centaurus Mall, Islamabad gave me general directions on how to use ubtans for your specific skin type. According to him:

  • For dry skin, mix ubtan with cream or milk
  • For normal & combination skin, mix with rose water.
  • For oily skin, make paste with normal clean drinking water.

You make a paste and apply it on face. Scrub for 5-10 minutes and then wash with plain water.

How I use it:

Since I have oily skin, I make a paste with clean drinking water. Then I apply and scrub the face for few minutes till the ubtan changes colour and consistency on my face. Yes, it does that. Then I leave the mask on my face for up to 30 minutes and wash with plain water (no soap). I was using the ubtan everyday for over a month when I wanted to re-purchase it only to find out that they have stopped manufacturing my favourite version.  I’m still waiting may be they change their mind about it because it is actually a really good exfoliator plus face mask.


  • Skin looks hydrated whichever version you use.
  • If you use this ubtan, you can say good bye to all exfoliators, face wash, gels, masks etc. This one product is everything.
  • The product is great for complexion specially after a summer tan but one has to be very careful about going in sun because ubtan makes your skin photosensitive.
  • The price is really affordable given it works as scrub, mask and face wash at the same time.
  • does not leave the skin dry.

Do I recommend it:

YES, i’m a big fan of this ubtan (both versions) and really recommend, however, not for a daily use because your skin might get too used to the product and when you are not using it, it might break you out. But totally worth it if used as a scrub and face mask twice a week.

x Zb


Steer Clear of this new Garnier BB Cream in market!

About a month ago, on my regular visit to the Boots Pharmacy here in Rawalpindi, I looked for my favourite winter foundation Garnier BB cream (please read THIS product review to understand my love for this product). The sales man very confidently presented this New Garnier BB cream (which is made in China BTW) to me claiming that the original one from India was actually was not good in terms of consistency (oh please! I used it for 2 years, never had an issue with consistency) so this new one was coming in the market. He said it was the only version of Garnier BB cream available in the market now and I have been looking for the original one but couldn’t find it anywhere. Since I really love this product, I bought it anyway, assuming it would give me similar results.


The Garnier BB Cream you should NOT buy

What really made me squirm was the awful smell. The original product also did not smell good, but this one smelled AWFUL. The product claims its is THE NEW BB CREAM, miracle skin perfector (talk about stealing tag lines) and it is also a Daily All-in-one Moisturiser (yes, not moisturizer. it is not a spelling error on my part). It claims to have SPF 24 and that it is dermatologically tested.

The product is manufactured by BEAUTYCOS International Co. Ltd in China and imported and marketed by Loreal India Pvt Ltd in Mumbai.

The cream claims the same things which the actual one did. However, this is my reason for NEVER ever buying this product again even if it is sold under the same name and brand:

Made in CHINA tag

The awful smell. The smell is so awful that something about it warns you about NOT putting it on your face.

The consistency which is really runny as compared to the original one. I have posted the comparison swatches down below, the thinner longer tube being the one I have always used and the flatter one being the new made in China BB cream which is available on all leading stores in Pakistan. You may see that the original product I have used is darker for my skin tone but is still far more pigmented and matte than this light new garnier BB cream. The last picture shows the shimmer in this product while the real one is totally matte as it claims.The packaging is cheap and unreliable.


Comparing Garnier BB cream made in Paris vs. Made in China versions

This product broke me out after one use, which is the reason why I paid attention to the package AFTER I had already purchased and used it. Therefore, I would highly recommend that everyone should check the labels and everything before buying a product which the salesman tells you is the same product with a “new” packaging. Sometimes it’s not just the package but whole new ingredients as well.

x Zb

Product Review: Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash

Himalaya Herbals claims to combine the best of Ayurveda with years of scientific research. It claims that their products effectively restore your skin’s natural health and vitality.

About the product:

Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash is a soap-free face wash gel which cleanses and purifies for clear, problem-free skin. The tube says its for Normal to Oily skin, thus not suitable for dry skin.It claims that the product contains Neem and Turmeric and it helps control acne and pimples.The product also claims that it is dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and clinically proven for effectiveness. 


Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash


It comes in 50ml (and also 100ml) white and green partially clear tube. The package is reliable in terms of travelling and carrying in handbags etc since the lid is very tight and there is apparently no chance of leakage.


PKR 120 for 50ml

How I use it:

Since my skin is already on dry side during winters, I avoid all sort of face washes and gels which may dry the skin even further, I use this product only once daily after I come back from work because that is one time when the skin actually needs some purifying cleansing.


It leaves my skin clean, smooth and not overly dry like other face wash gels do. I have not noticed any redness on my face post breakouts which means there is no salicylic acid in the product.


  • Its quite amazing that this face wash gel actually does not dry the skin as much as any regular anti-acne face wash would do. Drying the skin does not control acne, rather aggravates it, therefore, this product is safe for people prone to breakouts in winters.
  • The smell is really good specially after a day outdoors.
  • The package is easy to carry in a hand bag.
  • It lasted relatively longer than other face wash gels I have used. The 50ml tube, being used once every day, lasted over a month.
  • The product is really good in terms of what it promises and delivers in the price far lesser than the products which claim the same for more price.


  • Texture of the gel is quite thick for a normal face wash gel and its really hard to apply it since there is practically no foam. The consistency of the gel is my only problem.
  • There is no exfoliating affect because there are no grains or beads like Clean & Clear face wash or Pure Active face wash.
  • The ingredients are mentioned in Arabic only and not  in English and I can read glycerin as one of them so I’m not sure the product will be as effective in summers when skin is already high on producing oil but this ingredient may be the reason why the skin does not feel awkwardly tight and dry after using this product.

Do I recommend it:

I recommend it for winters because it does not leave the skin dry. I have not noticed any pimples since I started using it but it does not necessarily be because of this product. Of course, the product did not break me out. The consistency is a big turn off though.

Will I purchase it again:

May be.

x Zb

Product Review: Saeed Ghani’s Sandal Whitening Cream

Saeed Ghani is a well renowned and well established herbal beauty products name in Pakistan. Their products are the most authentic herbal products in the market and lot of women swear by the oils and ubtans. I picked this cream up out of sheer curiosity from the Saeed Ghani counter right opposite to the Al-Fatah in Centaurus, Islamabad. I was looking for a good moisturizing cream that helps with the spring sun tan. This cream claims to: 

  • help rejunevate skin
  • aid in lightening process
  • protect skin
  • Prevent environmental damage
  • help in refining pores and revitalize skin

Apparently it is an all in one cream without any SPF, just to be clear.


Saeed Ghani herbal products are not very high on package quality so do not expect fine or fancy pan. Its easy to carry, however, because of the air tight plastic pan and lid.


PKR 220

How I used it:

I used the cream as my daily moisturizer, morning before putting my foundation on and at night before bed.

How It worked on my skin:

AMAZING results when it comes to all that it claims. I used this whole pan and I was amazed how my Kryolan TV Paint Stick foundation glided on after I let this cream settle on my face for a bit. The skin look hydrated and as far the complexion is concerned I did not notice any remarkable results because that was not my reason for buying this product any way.

Why I stopped:

This cream clogged my pores and gave me SERIOUS episode of acne vulgaris. I do not consume lot of oily food and I’m very careful about cleansing my skin but there are ingredients like Mineral Oil, Glycerine, Petroleum Jelly Perfume in the cream which makes the cream clog pores, and give you real bad acne after continuous use.

Do I recommend this:

If you have oily skin, DO NOT BUY or use this product on your face at all. Its great moisturiser if you have REAL dry skin, but pores clogging may be a problem for even people with dry skin.


Saeed Ghani’s Sandal Whitening Cream

x Zb


100% clear skin is POSSIBLE!

I have written more about skin care than I have written about anything else ever. This is one thing I really want women to have more and more knowledge about because after all, its our faces and we love our faces more than we love anything else.

So after a moderate break out during summers which was mostly because of escalated estrogen levels in my body, the pains of taking so many antibiotics and using salicylic acid 2% products on my face, I almost gave up on everything. Then one day I came across an idea of NOT putting anything on the face and using plain water only to wash the face twice a day.

Since August 22, 2015 I have stopped using soap, face wash and any other chemical or product on my face. YES, no soap, no face wash and no night creams. I wash my face with water and if I feel my hands are oily after i touch my face, I wash my hands with a medicated soap and then wash my face again with plain water and with clean hands only. I do this morning, afternoon and night. If I sense a zit coming, I simply cover the area with thin layer clay mask (you don’t want to dry your skin) and leave it over night. Slowly and gradually my face started clearing up and right now I’m enjoying 100% zit free skin.

The changes you need to make right now are these:

1- No soap and no face wash. Most of the medicated and prescribed face washes and soaps specifically for oily and sensitive skin contain salicylic acid or benzyl per oxide or some sort of drying agent. Think about it; it all starts with the soap. You use the soap and it rips your face of necessary oils. Your skin is dry so you use moisturizer. The moisturizer contains some ingredient which makes you break out, inflames your sensitive skin, which leads you to using creams with more chemicals and concealers and foundation which harms teh skin even more so you wash the face more often and with harsh chemicals again and this cycle goes on and on until you find yourself desperately trying everything you can find, just to keep going around the same cycle again and again. BREAK THE CYCLE. Stop using everything, yes everyyything!!!!!

2- Increase the water intake and find out if there is anything in particular which makes you breakout in certain areas. 90% of adult acne is related to food allergies. For example, I just came to know that cheese makes me breakout on cheeks. Yes, it took me 27 years to know this. Also, excessive coffee intake makes me breakout in the same area, and I ALWAYS get a zit on chin, on alternate sides of it, during ovulation. What’s interesting is that every month its the alternate side so I already know which part of my chin is more vulnerable to breakouts and keeping my eyes on the cycle and dates, I have successfully been managing the problem for four months, abdolutely no problem in the area. yay, more success to smart women with revengeful ovaries :D

3- STOP USING MAKEUP EVERYDAY and love your skin, accept your skin, manage your skin as it is given to you. I know we love makeup, its almost an addiction, but the more make up you wear, and more often you wear, it will just increase your problems further. You will eventually understand and accept your bare skin better if you stop getting so insecure about how it looks without make up. If you still feel too insecure about it, use concealer only instead of wearing full face foundation.

4- Stop trying to get rid of zits permanently because you can not. At some point, all of us have had our fair share of skin problems. Its the pollution, the changes in environment, the stress in life, the processed food surrounding us everywhere, its most of us who understand your pain. Stop trying to get a solution, and start managing the problem instead.

5- NO CHEMICALS on the face. No chemicals of any kind. Keep it bare. If you have breakouts, try to use herbal masks or oils like tea tree oil. Clay masks work excellent as spot overnight treatment. You would not need to moisturize even in winters if you are not ripping it off the necessary oils.

Love your skin, accept your skin, manage your skin.

Good luck with no-chemicals life!

x Zb



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