Hair care: Aloe Vera mask for hair

Aloe Vera is well known for its medicinal properties. There is hardly an old aunty who can’t give you at least one home remedy for this gel. Aloe Vera plants are easy to grow at home and the gel is available at chemists’ too. You can use the gel for glowing skin, for keeping your diabetes and blood pressure under control but for me, It’s the best thing that ever happened to my hair.



I have been using the aloe Vera gel as hair mask for over 6 months, once a week. (Ok in all my honesty, sometimes I forget it for three to four weeks at a time, but not longer than that). The gel is messy to extract from the leaf, it’s gross to put in hair but hey it’s worth it.

What it has done for my hair:
Thickness. Yes I know we all are suckers for thick hair. I have naturally thick hair but since they fall out a lot, I have thick hair, lesser in number. You can picture that. So for me, controlling the hair fall is great deal unless I want to end up bald in next 3 years. This gel has helped a lot with hair fall. My hair obviously started coming out less since I started using this gel. I’d also like to mention that I’ve been using Dove hair fall rescue shampoo to wash this gel out. So may be it’s both, but as long as the bunch of hair that come out every time I brush them, I’m willing to keep trying this. Every time I grab my hair to tie them into a bun or a pony tail I can feel the difference in volume. Yay. So much for hair growth at my age. duh!

I love my hair long. Ok! Sometimes I just go for a blunt shoulder length hair cut but just three hours after the hair cut, I start missing my long hair. 1, you can make tens of kinds of braids with long hair. 2, long hair look beautiful if you are heavy built like I am (fat is the word I’d want to use but won’t) 3, well, long hair are attractive and pleasant on eyes too. Oh Well *rolls eyes*

This hair mask has helped me in growing my hair about 10 inches (before I got them cut up to my shoulders, AGAIN). I admit they got 26″ LONG in matter of 6 months after I got them chopped last year in April. I got them chopped AGAIN just recently and now the aloe mask is back in my head, well, because you know.

how I use it:
I cut the longest leaf, from the bottom of the plant, because it contains the most gel and it’s the oldest and richest in nutrients. Then I wash the leaf and cut a small piece off it and cut off the sides and top side of the leaf, exposing the gel inside. Then I rub it on my scalp till there is no gel oozing out of the leaf. Then cut another piece off and repeat.

Do try the mask, it will take sometime but it will be worth it.


The horrors of Peshawar School attack, that haunt me!

You have to be brave, as a teacher, because if you are panicking, the kids will panic.

You have to be alert, follow your instincts if anything happens and stay in control.

These are things I have been hearing in meetings, for about a month.

One month since the schools have been abruptly closed. I always say happy holidays and good bye to my kids before I leave after taking my last class with them on last day before the winter break. This time we couldn’t say good bye since we didn’t know we won’t be seeing each other again for a long time.

The security plans, the threats, this that and the other, all in place and the more its talked about, the more it disturbs me. I live several miles away from Peshawar APS school that was attacked, yet, being in the same country, fighting the same war & facing the same risks, I feel mentally drained, losing sleep over things like “what if”.

There have been training, security briefings, meetings with security personnel, who can not admit on our faces that if anything happens, we are basically on our own. No plan or measures can ensure 100% security and safety.

In mornings when I dress up, I start thinking if I will die in this same dress. Will my shirt be splashed with blood? Will my parents be able to find out which hospital I have been taken to by rescue ambulances? Will I ever wake up?

I can’t sit in the classroom while decorating the window for the next theme or while sorting the piles of readers out, without thinking, what if…. where will I hide? how many kids will I be able to save by this route? If I lock the door from the inside, will that help? May be I can talk to them and plea that my kids are too small, they are barely 7 or 8, so please leave them. May be they leave without harming any of them. May be not. May be I survive the wounds because I’m stronger, but they can’t with their fragile bodies.

When I stand on the prayer mat, I keep thinking about all these things, as if making a plea to Allah. When I raise my hands in prayer, I can’t ask for anything for my future, new job, more salary, true love, three kids of my own…nothing. I can’t think about future. I just pray that I can save my kids and come home alive.

Death is easy I’m told. You won’t feel a thing if shot point blank. I’m actually more scared of living through the horrors that will haunt me for the rest of my life. The kids screaming, fires shot, blood, lives lost, how will I ever move? What if I freeze in my steps in that moment and later regret it forever, if come out alive.

This is not our war we are paying for. Few politicians ruling this country made a mistake and no one after that tried to re evaluate and fix that. Since then this nation has been paying, with blood and lives. Now its paying with their kids’ and their dead bodies.

God help us all & keep us safe before I lose all my sanity…Ameen

x ZB


There is something about this time of the night. There is something like a black hole which opens up in your memory regions at this time.

The person you can’t stop thinking about at 3am is the person who matters the most to you.

Honestly I have never had my head swarming with so many questions in the light of the day that I do at odd hours of the night. What is the relationship of daylight with our mental processes?

Sometimes I think I have come a long way and sometimes I feel like I am still unable to answer the questions I kept asking in the initial days of self discovery.

Share your experiences about this dark hole in memory regions at 3am

ZB x

Coconut Oil for Hair <3

I remember when I was a little girl with the most thick and beautiful hair I have ever seen, my mum followed a strict hair care regime; coconut oil every week. Back in those days daddy would bring bottles of Parachute coconut oil from Dubai and mum will pour it in my hair. I loved the smell. Sometimes I was amazed by how it was frozen to a white solid in winters and we would put it in sun for it would melt and be usable again.

After several years and losing several strands on my head, I have started following the same regime again; coconut oil heated in microwave for few seconds, massaged into scalp and ends of hair for few minutes and left for an hour or so, before EVER SHOWER. Yes, every shower. I would give you a reason why.

In winters, when we wash hair with hot water, the hair, just like skin, lose most of the moisture. The dry ends make me feel like chopping them off. Since hair are down in winters too, the dried ends look even worse. After following this regime for over 3 months, I have noticed following results:

Smooth hair from root to tip. They are so smooth and silky soft even though I wash them with hot water.

Easy to style. Since I’m blessed with the kind of hair that look good anyway, brushed, unbrushed, tangled, untangled, some mornings I would just get out of bed, put my make up on and don’t even touch the hair because they look fine just like that, this is a blessing if the hair are manageable and less fuss.

Growth. The  most important factor since i’m past the point where you don’t have to worry about your hair growing beyond a particular point at your back. I have never been very fond of short hair. Long hair are a weakness for many including me. I got my last hair cut in April which resulted in hair barely touching the shoulders (yes I chopped them off because of dry and split ends ), and now in December they are below my waist line. My hair have grown over 10 inches minimum in 8 months time which is a biggie since I have lost the hope for my hair after the terrible bleaching and over exposure to hair coloring, ironing and curling back in 2006-2010.

This has been the experience so far which I decided to share with you. Please try this for your hair. Aloe vera hair mask reviews coming up soon.

ZB x

If nothing makes sense…Read this!

Christmas is just around the corner and so is the new year. Every new year there are some depressing thoughs that start to haunt all of us. What did i do this year? how many of that brought me closer to my goals? Holy moly what are my goals?and the haunting goes on…Its natural and normal. when something ends, we do tend to look back and try to figure out what went wrong, and where we stood right.

Just while reading the book, The Zahir by Paulo Coelho I came across this line which changed my perspective towards things

As Einstein said, God does not play dice with the Universe; everything is interconnected and has a meaning.

All the puzzles, all the pieces, all the unwritten words, all the unanswered questions, they all will come to realization one day. If you look at the broader picture, for which you need to be alone and still, still as in physically and mentally, you will realize you are a small dot on the big blue globe hanging in air among several bigger things called stars clustered into groups and galaxies. Yes, that’s how small you are. Did God leave you alone among all this? NO. He did not. All you have to do is, look at the bigger picture and when you look at the bigger picture you will realize that all these small trivial matters like what went wrong, what can I do to make it right, when will I land a better job, when will I find my soul mate, they seem very little of worries. Actually everything seems little when you look at how big a place it is where you are just a dot.

I never understood how atheism works. When i’m sad and down I know I have a hope, with God, from God, by God. I will never understand how people survive this maddening haunting of unanswerable questions all the time without this hope, without someone to guide you home.

Its that time. The questions, the thoughts, the changes you would want to make in your life, its that time again. Leave it up to God. know your place in the world… calm down, you are just a dot.

ZB x

Freedom of mind; blessing or a curse?

What do you want to do?

I want to live as a dreamer.

(Imagine the stillness on my father’s face)

This sounds silly. To many, its a very immature answer. To a soul searcher like me, this is the essence of life. The greed for material and love for freedom of mind can’t co-exist in one person. One will always kick the other out. C’mon lets be honest, how many happy, truly happy and free millionaires have you seen? They say they enjoy their work, that’s a silly excuse we all know. They are just greedy for more and more and that is the thing with life; whatever addiction you may have, material or love, you just want more and more. Its like a drug which consumes you. Only that those with greed for tangible in their heart and merely living. They are dead inside.They don’t feel anything. They only pretend they do. The shallow, hollow lives they are living, thinking and imagining and already expressing that they are loving it, lies!

The cost of being a dreamer is that no one understands you, thus everyone finds fault with you and keeps on trying to push you more and more towards the other extreme. What is wrong with this world? Do we intentionally push people towards the reasons that make us sad? Are we scared that they might have found what we couldn’t? the ultimate formula to a happy life? I don’t want to have a job that gets me 8 digits cheque at the end of the month. I want to meet people, love like there is no tomorrow, laugh with my friends and talk all night about all the crazy things in life. I can not enslave myself or my soul in these worldly desires and worries. I am not that person who can be driven by material. I thrive on wisdom, I live just to feel things, the breeze, the heat of the sun and the love that expands my heart to a new extreme every single day of my existence. I want to write, learn to play piano, sit in sun and wonder about what the person standing far away might be thinking. Can money buy this for me? we all know the answer.

Happiness, just like success meas different things to different people. What makes me happy might just be an illusion to you. I might feel the same way about your idea of happiness.

I would leave this here. Just as abrupt as it is, there is no ending to a debate like this? Its more like if you know who I am, I don’t need to tell you more, and if you don’t know what my soul craves, you won’t understand it anyway. Only weird, crazy people can understand each other.

x ZB

Kryolan TV paint stick: Product Review

I am here to review my ultimate go-to foundation.

Kryolan TV paint stick. You will find all the info you need about it here, I will just post my experience with it.

This was basically the first foundation I ever started using back in college days. I don’t remember the shade I wore back then. but I can still recall it was the best thing ever. I never had a problem with blending or the shade going wrong or melting in summers. Then I switched to the mineral and liquid foundations so I forgot about it for a while. This summer when I was deeply into finding a foundation which “stays” on my oily skin in the temperature of 40+ degrees C, I came across many blog posts which recommend the same stick/cream foundation for ultimate coverage.

I have two shades of the foundation which I have used in summer and winters, because my skin tone changes. I have used this stick as concealer as well when I am wearing a liquid or powder foundation. This foundation “stays”!. Yes, it does. It blends so nicely and easily without looking like a cake on your face. The pros and cons I have had after using this same foundation on daily basis, is as following

1- Price: Its for Rs. 1100 at Kryolan Point in Rawalpindi. The stick is so thick, I have heard it lasts over a year even if used very often.

2- Shades: There is a wide, wide, WIDE range of shades available. You can never go wrong with the shade with so many options.

3-Blending: Its the foundation which will take you the least amount of your valuable minutes in the morning. Just put some directly from the stick on the T-zone and start blending with a moist sponge outwards. Use as a concealer for spots.

4- Coverage: The coverage is light to heavy, depends how much of it you want. I just lightly apply in center and blend outward.

5- Easy to Carry: Its very travel- friendly. You need just this for your whole foundation routine completed in one stick.

I would like to raise one point here, I have read a lot about this foundation causing break outs to oily skin. I beg to differ completely. My skin is THE most sensitive skin of all.  I would have a blemish if I don’t wash my brush before using it, but this foundation has not caused any breakouts or blemishes on my face even though I use medium coverage EVERYDAY on my face as a part of my routine from early morning till the night sets in.

I would totally recommend this foundation for daily use, occasions and also for all seasons.


x ZB

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