Freeman Feeling Beautiful Facial Clay mask with Avocado & Oatmeal

I was actually looking for the Freeman Peel off cucumber mask which I couldn’t get hold of even after my second visit to the store. I think that mask is among the top hits right now thus disappears from isles very quickly. I love trying on clay masks mainly because I have extremely oily skin with lots of break outs specially during the summer days. Therefore, I decided on picking this one.


Oatmeal is said to be very effective for keeping oily skin healthy & nourished without making breakouts. Anyone with acne prone skin would agree that its actually very hard to find a product that would NOT cause you a breakout. The mask basically claims that it draws out excess oils and dirt, purging clogged pores and leaves skin clean and soft.


I applied this mask twice in last week. The first time I was in a rush so I applied a very thin layer & washed after few minutes. Since I couldn’t experience it properly, I applied it again two days later, this time after cleansing with my usual once a week deep cleanser & scrubbing with my usual scrub. I applied a fairly thick layer, leaving no skin showing through & left it on for about 30 minutes even though the mask dried very quickly within minutes.

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Clay Mask with Avocado & Oatmeal
Freeman Feeling Beautiful Clay Mask with Avocado & Oatmeal

Colour: The mask is in clay form, in soothing bluish green colour.

Smell: I find the smell more pleasant than a fuller’s clay mask.

How I applied: I cleansed my face with a mild cleanser I use once a week, scrubbed with my usual scrub for few minutes & then applied this mask after patting the face dry & applied in a thick layer, not letting any part of skin showing on both face & neck.I left it on for 30 minutes & washed with normal temperature water even though the direction say to wash it with warm water. The mask is extremely easy to wash off as compared to fuller’s mud clay masks. Unlike the fuller’s clay mask it doesn’t leave the skin dry but I still applied thin layer of moisturizer after washing it off. 

Results: Okay here is the part why I wrote this post. I have extremely oily skin & if I put on make up at 7am, my foundation is all gone & only oil is left in the T-zone by 2pm. However, one clear difference I have noticed after using this mask ONCE, is that my T-zone doesn’t get as oily as it used to. If previously my face turned oily about 9 from 0-10, now its dropped down to 1, no bragging. The make up stays (because obviously lesser oil to dissolve the make up off) & the skin still appears fresh till 2pm which is a great achievement specially in 37 degrees Celsius. 

I have also been using this mask as over night spot treatment for one spot I currently have on my face. Just by two overnight applications, the inflammation and redness is down by great extent. However it does not draw the impurities out of a zit as fast & effectively as fuller’s clay mask. It helps better with inflammation & redness.

Rating for this product:

  1. Price: 3 out of 5 (Rs. 390 PKR for 150mL)
  2. Application: 4.5 out of 5
  3. Packaging: 4 out of 5
  4. Oil Control: 5 out of 5
  5. Cleaning pores: 4 out of 5

Will I buy this product again: In summers when oily face & keeping the make up on face is my major problem, yes definitely.

Kryolan AquaColour Foundation

Most of us have a separate foundation for summers and winters specially if you live in a region where the weather is way too hot in summers and way too cold in winters.

Dealing with a skin like me, oily in summers & dry in winters, keeping one foundation for the whole year is quite difficult. Besides that, the unexpected acne breakouts at certain times & their left overs, give me a hard time deciding whether I want a light, medium or high coverage.

I have used Kryolan Tv Paint Stick back in my college days when I had little sense of make up & my skin type. The stick lasted so long I eventually threw it in the bin. The basic problem i faced with TV paint stick is that it got too flaky in winters. I mean my skin got flaky & I looked like a ghost.

In uni I switched to SheerCover mineral foundation mainly because my acne started disappearing & I did not need full/heavy coverage anymore (Teee haaaa).

Now for over a year I have switched to Garnier BB cream for light-medium coverage & This is going to be my winters foundation for a long time. I have written a review for it on my blog too.

However, Garnier has not been a big help since I have had my event breakout due to eating the wrong stuff in the wrong weather. I will discuss the details later, for now, I need a medium-Full coverage foundation which won’t clog the pores & won’t melt with the oils on the face.

Kryolan has a whole range of foundations to offer but the main ones in market are:

Kryolan Tv Paint stick (I used in college)
Kryolan cake base
Aquacolour cake base.

In term of price, Tv paint stick is the cheapest one, professionally used around the world, I have seen every salon in Pakistan using it for bridal & party make up. Most MUAs use it for their brides too.

Kryolan compact is second & the most expensive is the aquacolor one.

My fashion designer friend recommended the 3rd one by Aquacolour. Aquacolour is one of the MOST popular wet colour range for face & body painting. I already use the wet colour eyeliner by Aquacolour.

The packaging is crap. I’m not sure how this foundation is going to survive with me with this packaging. The container is hard to open. That was the first thing I knew about it.

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Now my favourite part; the shade is an exact match to my skin tone. Im already using:

Garnier BB cream : light & medium both
SheerCover mineral foundation: almond
Neutrogena skin clear compact foundation: natural buff colour


The shade I got is one shade lighter than all of above mainly because my skin tone has improved a lot since I last bought my foundation. My shade for Aquacolour cake foundation is F1.

It blends so well, so well, you are left amazed by the results. The colour is so smooth, the contouring & the blush on or whatever you put on your face just pops up. You just take a moist sponge & apply in small quantity & blend. Let it dry, if you need more coverage, add another layer. Keep building & make sure you let it dry before putting on more. One really important point here: use the wide pores sponge. If you use a narrow pores sponge, it won’t blend AT ALL. i tried both sponges & I got the right blending using the sponge on left. The right one just won’t blend. So if you have problem with putting the foundation on, change the sponge. Try moist brush if you still can’t get it right. Just use very little foundation at a time.


The blending is amazing. The camera results are amazing. It definitely provides that dewy glow you need to look fresh on camera/photographs.

I will write later about the time it stays on my face & how it goes in hot sun/sweat.

ZB x

Say hello to DIY eyeshadow Primer

Hello again

I have never really used an eye shadow primer before and always thought the light coloured pigments never brightened up my face like the brighter ones. Well, I tried making some eye shadow primer & after applying the eyeshadow with the primer on, i realised what I have been missing all my life.

what the eyeshadow primer does for your eyeshadow?

The eyeshadow primer basically provides the foundation for your eyeshadow to stay on through the day & being the real colour out of it.

Here are some pictures i took using the eyeshadow primer. I tested two colours, one bright pink & one very light turquoise. You can clearly see the difference it makes




So you can see the difference it makes in the look & feel of the eyeshadow.

Here is how i made my eye shadow primer:

stuff you need

1- a tinted moisturiser/bb cream
2- little bit of concealer
3- facial butter


Take very small quantity of concealer in a jar & add some facial or body butter and same amount of tinted moisturiser.

Dab a little quantity on the eyelids before applying the eyeshadow. Let it set down for few minutes & then apply the eye make up for brightened up eyeshadow.

I’ll post the pictures with complete eye makeup tomorrow.

ZB x

DIY tinted lip balm with cocoa butter

Hello ladies and make up DIY freaks

I have been obsessed with tinted balms because summers is the time when lipsticks come off too strong specially in a country where the sun is blazing like anything.

I have always been a huge fan of Palmer’s cocoa butter with vitamin E for lip moisturising. Its very smooth, stays on long & smells yummy. But its transparent.

I had some blush on powders lying around which I do not use on my cheeks therefore I decided to make lip balms with them. The reason I did not use petroleum jelly for these lip balms is because petroleum jelly is too thick and just sits on my lips and doesn’t absorb. Similarly when you add pigment to petroleum jelly, it hardens and the actual colour that comes out is not as vibrant because even a little amount on lips will feel too much.

Long story short, i took a lot of pigment from the blush on & added little cocoa butter (because i wanted the colour to be vibrant and dark) and voila! Here are the shades I made in these containers. Sorry if it looks like a mess, I just heated them in microwave and tried to clean the edges. Not that good a cleaner :D

Happy lips x



UPDATE: this tinted balm actually stays longer on my lips than my usual lipsticks. They are slightly glossy & at the same time very moisturizing. 

Look maa, its a sub derm cyst!!!

Cystic acne or derm cysts are the worst than all other normal clogged pore zits. Why? You know that the normal zit will go away in 2-3 days but the cystic ones are there for the long haul.
I happened to get one last week. I suspect it was a hair follicle infection because i swear the thing was swollen and red for about five days size of a dime. I tryn be brave and poke a sterilised needle through it. Just to let it out. I know i know it gives you permanent scar but the thing is right in middle of my forehead & i havn’t had something like this in five years. On top of everything, the thing hurt me like hell.
I learnt about ibuprofen for swelling & redness. I popped a pill on day 3. Still the swelling & redness won’t go away. Since day 1 till day 5 i tried the needle method followed by continuous use of Betamethasone & neomycin sulphate cream. But what do they say again? All the topical treatments don’t work for a cyst because its under the skin & not on the skin.
Day 5 and thing is still standing there proudly. I’m losing it. Im totally losing it. I havn’t had a zit on my face in 5yrs after a continuous battle with acne vulgaris for 10yrs. My teens were ruined i won’t let it ruin my twenties.
Thanks to mum. What would we do without them. The saviours.
What ended the mystery of the unexplainable seb derm cyst?

the old yellow anti fungal, anti biotic ointment. After 2 applications of the ointment i could already see a difference. Second day of application (3 times daily) the thing is finally gone. Besides the ointment i have been leaving a clay mask made in lemon juice & rose water on the cyst site overnight.
Two nights of leaving the mask on it & two days of the KENACOMB application, the redness=gone, the swelling -= gone, the pain= gone.
Now i have the normal bluish purplish left over on my skin which will heal and fade with application of glycolic acid.

Just wanted to share with you that KENACOMB is a saviour for cysts.

Importance of nice hair do’s.

From learning a variety of make up tricks and trying them, I have come to a very important conclusion about looks and enhancing them.

No matter what eye shadow you wear, no matter how different types of contouring you do, or how gorgeous your eye liner looks, when it comes to updating your look or looking “different” from your everyday face for some special occasion, you can’t beat the difference a good and different hair do will make.
Make up can make you look pretty, fab, but a nice hair do is what makes the most difference. Thats why I can’t emphasize this enough that every girl should know atleast three different kinds of braids:

- Try to learn french braid, twist braid, fishtail braid & four strand braids.they are the easiest to learn & you can use them in different ways.

- a doughnut bun or a simple classic bun is something you must know.

- learn how to do back-combing. Invest in some nice hair bands or Hair rings like in my pictures.

Never under estimate the difference a hairdo can make to your look. Hair is a woman’s crowning beauty.







Spring, colours & makeup!

I love Spring. There is a sense of freshness in the air. There are flowers & colours everywhere. After heavy layered clothing in winters, finally the pastel coloured clothes come out.

My reasons for loving spring are endless. But above everything, its the time of the year to experiment with lots of colours in make up. Eyeshades have always been a weakness of mine. I started work again after a week long spring break & I officially welcome spring with my favourite rust-brown eye shades which suit my natural skin tone & dark brown eyes very well. A bit tired of black thick eyeliner, i played it up with a silver eye-liner & black mascara. No kajal.

Happy Spring Season.
ZB x



Weird hair growth method


I have come across this twice in my life when someone told me this works. How and why, well there is no logical & scientific explanation but this thing is said to be an effective method for hair growth & strengthening.

Legend has it that before going to bed at night if you make a braid, simple & classic one, & tie it up with a piece of ribbon, in a way that one end of the ribbon is way past the end of your hair (see the picture), your hair grow longer & stronger.

Now I know it doesn’t make any sense, but a lot of things don’t make any sense but we believe them anyway. I’ve been trying this for a while now & i honestly don’t know even if there had been any effect or what not, but if its true & it works, quite weird, no?

ZB x